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Cuticle oil benefits

If you are looking to improve the health and appearance of your nails and surrounding skin then look no further that cuticle oil!

With regular use, there are some real benefits you can expect to see from the special blend of natural oils.

You have probably seen your nail tech complete your nail service with cuticle oil. Used as part of a regular manicure, cuticle oil can improve flexibility, helping to prevent nails from cracking, breaking and spitting.

Likewise with manicures, cuticle oil may extend the service life by preventing, drying, chipping and peeling.

It may be useful to apply a small patch test prior to use to ensure suitability for your skin.

Should you suffer from very dry, cracked skin, a quick visit to your local pharmacy will suitably guide and start you on the right path to better skin health, ensuring when you then start using cuticle oil your hands will really thank you for it.

Cuticle oil is very beneficial for your cuticles and skin surrounding your nails. Containing vitamin E, the hydrating effect moisturises to prevent dryness & cracking and hangnails which can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

Daily tasks such as hand washing, harsh chemicals and hand sanitiser can all have a drying effect on your hands. Add in the changing UK weather and it’s understandable how your hands may look or feel a little neglected. You may like to read another of my blog posts … Show a little love … with some great tips on how to help look after your nails and hands. 

Skin that is nourished with cuticle oil will appear hydrated and the appearance will be improved. Nail growth may be enhanced and cuticles will be softened, aiding removal and preventing painful cracking and tearing.

The addition of a lightly scented essential oil helps to gently soothe skin and using a gentle massage action to apply may be very calming and can feel therapeutic. 

The rollerball helps with smooth application and makes on the go use incredibly easy thereby aiding regular use which your nail tech will love you for!

Make the change today to start regular use, with so many benefits all wrapped up in one little bottle, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

The latest addition to my range in my nourishing cuticle oil which is now available at

Step into Spring!

There are nail trends that come and go and some techniques you think “I must try!”. Enter candy ball bubble roses. Not a new trend by any means, but one i kept thinking, I really should do. 

So, finally! I gave them a go. Having watched YouTube I understood the technique and to be honest, didn’t hold out much hope for my first attempt. 

Armed with all I needed I started, knowing they would take some time. At first they really looked like nothing at all as i layered the clear gel with coloured gel for petals. However once I’d started to layer them up, i could see how the effect was forming and intrigued to do more. 

It’s the kind of task you could ideally do alongside another as it’s imperative that each layer cures. They are painstaking but in my opinion well worth attempting. 

I knew that with the finished height of these for the display tips they would need pointy backs, which, thanks to the lovely Crystal Parade were sitting on my desk, crying out for a project. So the idea formed in my mind, to create a Spring flower garden. I decided the base colours of the tips needed to be a sky blue and green, matte of course, to fully compliment the 3D roses and sparkly crystals. 

I started with the middle feature tip with the heaviest embellishment, with placement of the bubble roses. I’ve recently started using Rachel Wilders Crystal fix which, for me is a game changer. It’s a really thick uv gel adhesive that’s perfect for crystal nail projects. Admittedly, not the easiest to squeeze out of the tube, however the thicker consistency comes into its own for projects such as these. The 3D roses were firmly secured for the next step, the pointy backs. Again the thick gel worked perfectly to hold the heavier pointy backs in place. 

Whilst curing, i then started to add the beautiful cabachon crystals to the other tips to start creating flower petals. I used the French Fancy mix once again from Crystal Parade. The pretty pastel tones of the cabachons in this mix along with those in the ‘Moonshine’ mix added variation in colour and size of the flowers. These stones are absolutely gorgeous and while polished smooth as opposed to faceted have depth and dimension. Gorgeous dark undertones and highlights add to the overall 3D feel of the design. They were a perfect compliment for this project. 

So, the design evolved in a fluid way until i arrived at having all flowers on the tips. I always aim to loosely sketch out a design which really helps, at least with the basis and structure of the design. Sometimes artistic licence is required- especially with 3D work to ensure there are no gaps and that all of the elements work cohesively together. Do they don’t always look exactly like my sketch, however it saves a bit of trial and error early on i find. 

With my design 90% complete, all that is left for me to add are the caviar beads. Ideal for use with flat back crystals (I feel they always finish off the design) they are absolutely essential to 3D designs are they are often gaps that form, which they are perfect for. I also love the dimension that the coloured chrome effect add to a design, adding more depth and richness with the use of another medium. For this design i choose gold to add warmth to the Spring design. 

So with these added, my design was ready to be added to my reel. The overall finish was rich and bold and exactly where I’d aimed this display set. It was completely OTT and I love it! I’d love to hear your comments below and if you are inspired to create any bubble roses or bold 3D statement sets, please tag me so I can share in the beauty of this fabulous technique!

Here Comes The Bride

With bridal season currently in full swing with lots of local bridal fayres, here's a quick round up of considerations for nails for your special day.

Come your wedding day, all eyes will be on your hands. Between the signing of your marriage certificate, the pictures your photographer takes, and the demands to see your new wedding ring, your hands are going to get serious time in the spotlight. So with this in mind here’s a dedicated blog for brides to be on all things nails.

Should you not have a regular nail technician, choosing the right nails for your big day might feel a little daunting so it’s well worth doing some research into treatment options in order to find the most suitable one for you. There’s a varied selection on the market such as gel polish, builder gels, gel extensions, acrylic extension, acrygel extensions, full cover tips, press-ons and more!

It’s worth reading up online about the pros and cons of each system and why a particular treatment might be best for you to gain a better understanding so that you can research local companies who offer your choice of treatment. It’s then worth reaching out to nail technicians or popping in to local salons to find our more information and to check suitability for you.

Along with the type of service you require, you will need to consider other elements too – let’s break these down in a little more detail.

Tip shape

Choosing the right tip shape can have a huge impact on the overall finished look of your manicure so it’s worth spending a little time to make the right choice. Here are just a few options for you;


Self explanantory, this shape neither flares nor tapers and are very popular right now with lip gloss nails, one of the emerging trends for 2023. Ideal for brides looking for a clean and classic look, they are low maintenance and are suited to all colours and shades. They will look very natural so are perfect for brides who want a polished, natural look.


If you aren’t a fan of sharp corners then this style may be for you. Similar to square, round nails start with straight edges that then are shaped to follow the natural curve of your fingertip. Much like square they suit any shade from discreet through to dramatic shades so brides are sure to find delicate shades to complement this style perfectly.


As you’ve guessed – are square with rounded corners and are another very popular choice. Ideal for those with longer, wider nailbeds, a little length with gently rounded corners can subtly elongate the fingers and balance wider nail beds.

Oval nail

Oval nails, similar to round in the curve at the free edge, are longer than round nails with a more extreme overall curve. A hugely popular style right now with barely there builder gels, the optical illusion in this shape elongates the nail and the finger to create this timeless look.

If you are looking to add embellishments or nail art then this slightly longer nail tip can accommodate beautiful designs, without visually shortening the nail tip.


Hugely practical, almond shaped nails are tapered and mimic the pointed end of the almond nut. Suitable for strong natural nails or enhancements. Almond nails can be kept quite short so are a very practical choice of shape for well manicured hands for when it comes to carrying out daily tasks.


If you’re all about the drama, then stiletto might be the choice for you! An elongated tip is a very striking shape that lends itself to dramatic designs such as heavily embellished crystals. With so much space on the longer tip your nail technician really has a fabulous blank canvas to ensure your nails really stand out in a crowd!


Sometimes known as coffin shaped, ballerina shaped nails are hugely popular and for good reason. Slightly shorter than stiletto and with a squared tip they aren’t quite as dramatic and can be more practical for those looking for long nails without the sharpness of the stiletto shape.

Add into the mix more recent nail shapes such as lipstick, flare and Russian almond, you will be spoilt for choice with shapes to choose from.


Let’s talk length! Factors such as practicality need to be considered - it’s pointless having super long talons if you aren’t able to do what you usually would. Going from zero to super long might take some getting used to!

Consider how you use your hands and what the sweet-spot for the length will be for you and your lifestyle. Albeit the nails you are choosing are wedding nails, you may have your honeymoon, work and day to day tasks in the weeks following. Bearing this is mind for after your big day will ensure your nails stay looking their best for as long as possible.


Not all colours are created equal – there are factors such as your skin tone, bride & bridesmaid dresses and theme to take into consideration. Even when choosing nude shades, it’s important to ensure you choose the right complimentary tone.

Nudes are hugely in fashion now so your local salon is sure to carry a great selection of shades from transparent whites, cool pinks, barely there nudes through to warm caramels meaning there will be a shade to suit every skin tone.

Opaque shades of white and ivory are also classic go to colours. They work particularly well with gloss or matte finishes so lend themselves to so many varied designs. The stark, crisp opaque backgrounds are the perfect backdrop for crystal embellishment. Using a flat matte base ensures that nothing detracts from crystal designs added to nails.

You could of course add in colour with pastel shades to match your theme such as pretty pastels or florals for a vintage theme.

Inspiration for colour could be taken from a fabric sample, flower or picture to ensure your nail are the perfect match to your theme so take these along to your appointment to get a good colour match.



Now we’ve established the basis of your nails, the fun part really starts in respect of the finished design. All you may want are perfectly plain manicured nails so a luxurious manicure on natural nails, finished with a gorgeous shade of polish may be all that is required.

Discreet embellishment such as pearls or tiny crystals may be all that’s needed to accentuate your theme. With a whole host of colours available in both crystals and pearls, your nail technician will be sure to find the perfect match for you.

Adding lace effect elements are very popular to tie in with bridal dress as are floral accents to tie in with your bouquet. Natural bouquets are a gorgeous way to show your individuality or tie in to a relaxed rural wedding so picking out an accent in the flowers will help to continue your theme.

Caviar beads add unmistakeable discreet glamour to nails without looking too glitzy. If you are looking for discreet glamour then incorporating these along with tiny crystals can make for a fabulously understated look.

If you are more about the drama then a full on bling set may be what it’s all about! My go to company for nail crystals is Poppy and the team are so helpful and have a huge selection of crystals to ensure a perfect match to your wedding ensemble.

Be it clear, coloured or pearl you will find a huge selection within their range to guarantee you can add some serious sparkle to your wedding nails.

With sew on & hot fix crystals available too, there’s no limit to the co-ordination you can apply to items across your wedding attire. Don’t forget you can also add crystals to your artificial or real flowers to completely co-ordinate your whole theme.

Hand care

In the run up to your wedding it’s well worth remembering that it’s important to take good care of your skin by using a regular daily hand cream. Cuticle oil will make a world of difference to aid natural nail growth and will help to nourish and replenish your cuticles so that they are the perfect frame for your wedding nails. I have developed a beautiful blend of oils in one of the latest additions to my range – nourishing cuticle oil. A lightly scented, quick absorbing cuticle oil. Head over to for more details and to order.

A little bit of time daily in the weeks and months in the run up will ensure your skin is in tip top condition for your big day so it’s well worth investing in quality products for the maximum effect.


The sky really is the limit to the number of options available to you so be sure to take along inspiration pictures to your appointment. Your nail tech will be able to use these as a basis for your design and then add personal touches to create an unmistakably bespoke theme.

Happy planning! x

Show a little love

The cold, crisp days we are experiencing of late can be hard-going on your hands and they may be looking or feeling a little battered. The tell-tale signs are redness, soreness and scaling and are often one of the first places to bear the brunt of the cold weather. Here are some top tips to help show your hands some love.


Washing your hands

When it comes to washing the use of hand-wash or frequent use of antibacterial gel can be harsh on hands and strip them of their natural oils and take more of a toll on already dry skin. Opt for gentle hand-wash with warm as opposed to hot water and opt if possible for hand sanitiser with moisturiser to help further protect your hands.

Remember to apply hand cream after washing your hands to help nourish and protect.


Around the house

When washing up, ensure you get your rubber gloves on to help protect your hands from the potentially damaging effects of hot water, detergent and scrubbing pots and pans. Household chores using chemicals and car cleaning can also play havoc so do yourself a favour and ensure your hands are nails are well protected by keeping your rubber gloves on for all tasks.

Gardening can be the nemesis of well kept hands and nails so invest in a good quality pair of gardening gloves to give your hands the best possible defence.

As always generously apply hand cream after doing chores to keep your hands tip top whilst staying on top of your chores.


The cream of the crop

There’s no better regular treat for your hands than nourishing hand cream to guarantee soft, well nourished skin. Getting into the habit of regularly applying and your hands will love you for it.
Applying hand cream before bed allows your skin to repair overnight, pop on cotton gloves too for maximum repair and hydration.

If you’re on the go or out and about always keep a mini hand cream in your handbag or pocket for continuous application.



Cuticle oil has so many benefits – it could be known as a miracle in a bottle and well worth keeping close to hand, literally!

Regular use can help the overall health and condition of your cuticles and nails, increasing the circulation and blood supply around your nails and helping to stimulate growth from the matrix.

The hydrating effect of the oil can also nourish and strengthen the nails to avoid micro trauma from accidental tears and rips. Those pesky hangnails that are easily caught or ripe to be picked and pulled will also diminish.

If you wear polish, then regular cuticle oil application at least twice daily will help to keep your nails well hydrated between salon visits too and can help to prolong the beauty of your beautiful gel manicure.

This is a gem of a product and should feature very highly on your list of must haves!



As long as your skin isn’t broken, exfoliating with a gentle scrub is perfect to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath. It’s beneficial to do this just as you would with your face and body. Look out for gentle hand scrubs to purchase or alternatively check out what’s in your larder cupboard for a natural home-made alternative.


Get your gloves on

When the temperature drops or the wind starts to really bite, always ensure you head outdoors with your gloves on. Whilst digging your hands into your pockets may help, reaching for keys or answering your phone can lead to unnecessarily exposing your hands. Even holding a cold steering wheel can chill hands further so ensure you have leather or woollen gloves, mittens or touch gloves if you just can’t resist answering your phone or replying to a text!


Treat yourself

If your hands are needing that bit of extra attention, treating yourself to a weekly hand mask can really up the ante with hydration. Regular masks can ensure your hands stay looking well loved over the course of the chilly Winter season and well into Spring, ensuring the look pretty and ready to pop on the pastel polish in time for the new season.


Take home

If you have any particular worries or concerns in relation to the health of the skin on your hands then always seek medical attention for a proper diagnosis of how best to help your hands. Dry, cracked, open skin can lead to infection so always seek prompt advice to avoid any unnecessary complications and keep your hand health tip top.

Looking ahead!


Welcome to my very first blog post which I’m so excited about. I thought it would be a good idea to update you on my journey so far and give you a little insight into my hopes for the future. 

My website gives you a good understanding of my background and experience from years gone by so this first blog is all about where I am now and the direction I’m looking to head in, in the near future. 

Prior to now, the services I have offered have been through my website selling press-on nails. I’ve so enjoyed creating these sets for the many varied clients I have. It’s really fulfilling to receive the orders and work on customising each set as per the client’s individual requirements. I’ve taken pride in sourcing all the necessary elements, from here in the UK and in Europe to ensure first impressions are that much love, care and attention had gone into every aspect of the whole process. I’ve found that press-ons have proved very popular with some clients and have been their go to choice for very specific reasons. I think there will always be a place in the market for these, whether it be for clients in between nail services, as a treat for a school aged client or for those working in professions where they are either unable to wear nails such as medical and catering. The more temporary application and ability to re-use sets provides a unique market in it’s very own right. 

During the course of my conversations about press-ons the aspect of one-to-one services have obviously arisen and therefore has become the natural progression for the next stage in my journey.
I’ve been steadily working in the background of the business, obtaining the necessary practice and qualifications in one-to-one services to gain insurance to offer these to my clients. I feel really excited about this prospect and can’t wait to build a regular clientele. I’m entering into a popular market but my aim is to provide a service that has subtle differences to those already available. 

As nails are the sole focus in my beauty business I can afford to train and practice in aspects of application that are more detailed and intricate to the norm. I carry an extensive and varied selection of medium to ensure I am able to provide stand out services. My portfolio shows various mediums that I have worked with such as watercolour and acrylic paint which lend themselves to the hand painted artistic sets I have created such as ‘From Paris With Love’ and ‘Arabian Nights’. These sets take me back to my fine art days during my graphics course at college and work within the design industry. Other mediums include 3D work in crystal designs and 4D paste creating delicate flowers combined with the regular gel polish, paints, builder gels & hard gels that are available to nail techs today. Obviously some of these sets are way out there and have their very own place for shows, displays and cabaret acts. They are not at all practical for everyday wear due to the intricacy and level of adornment. However, aspects can be extracted for application to every day sets, perhaps in just a single accent nail to make them more practical and wearable for day-to-day wear for clients. I think having the ability of being able to create bespoke hand created designs for my clients will allow me to further enhance treatments and make the nail services I offer completely unique. I just can’t wait to work with clients on the personalised aspect of the nail services I am able to offer!

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